April 4, 2023

Introducing PillWork

Introducing PillWork

Introducing PillWork

Consumers want to be able to get their vitamins easily. Just search, buy and wait for the shipment to arrive. Instead, their online searches are buried in ads, blogs, unreliable information and uncertified products. PillWork has created a reliable dietary supplement app that will let users get dependable information, trustworthy reviews, expert- and artificial intelligence-curated chats and free shipping all under their membership subscription—at a lower price than the marketplace. PillWork app is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2023.

“Users can compare products, know which products will actually work and fit them, and get advice from experts or our AI system,” said Young, COO of PillWork. “The same way Vivino is the go-to platform for wine enthusiasts, we want to be the first choice for consumers looking to buy vitamins and dietary supplements. We believe people deserve to know better.”

With approximately 20,000 worldwide products already included on the app, the tele-health option will give users expert recommendations and even let them scan a pill bottle in stores to find out more information before they buy it. The PillWork app will decrease vitamin shopping from hours to mere minutes.

"Eat smart, live smart is our motto." Said Young.

And this “smart” app will include the option to read blogs, articles and an encyclopedia so users can read more information about these healthy products at their leisure instead of by force before they buy the products. PillWork doesn’t play favorites either; its objective ranking system gives users the option to share their opinions on effectiveness and flavor, along with general information regarding the brand, origin, and whether the vitamin is chewable or swallowed whole.

For users who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for, browse the app for categories like probiotics, vitamins, omega, iron and ginseng. PillWork app users can also identify the dangers of using certain vitamins with specific ailments (ex. Iron deficiency armenia versus multivitamins) without squinting to see the tiny fineprint on a pill bottle (or not at all on most online e-commerce sites).

PillWork app’s goal is not to replace licensed health care professionals, only to make it easier for users to get over-the-counter medication without the hassle. For more information on the PillWork app, visit Aboutpillwork .com or download the app directly on Android or Apple phones, later this year.

PillWork is an innovative app that aims to revolutionize the way individuals approach dietary supplements and nutrition.